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Virus Total: Scan any file against over 40 antivirus programs!
Install the Virus Total Uploader" for even easier sending of files to be scanned.

Trend Housecall: Is your antivirus program not working? Don't have one installed? Come here to get your system scanned with the latest pattern files from Trend Micro, maker of PC-Cillin Internet Security.

Spybot Search and Destroy: Free protection against spyware threats to your system. FCS has been recommending this tool for over 9 years!

AVG Free Edition: Are you a home user, or non-profit organization looking for affordable antivirus protection? FCS has been recommending and installing AVG Free on home and non-profit systems for many years now.

CCleaner: Disk Cleanup in Windows works to a point, but if you want to be ruthless about cleaning out ALL temporary files of ANY sort, including program history lists and recently accessed file lists, then install CCleaner! Be warned however, this program removes it ALL!!!

Broadband - DSL Reports: Concerned about your Internet speeds? These tools may help you analyze and tweak your system to make use of the speeds your ISP offers.

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