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Computer Repair - $45/hr
Does your computer need a little TLC? Is it having trouble booting, bogged down alot lately, bit by a virus, or just plain not working quite right? Click this link to begin a remote techsupport session.

Malware Removal - $45/hr
Has your computer been hit by a virus, a trojan, popups, or other annoying or damaging maladies? Click the link above to get them cleaned off your computer.

Data Recovery - $45/hr
Lost a file you thought you'd stored in safekeeping? Did you wipe a harddrive by accident? FCS has the means to log onto your system and help you retrieve those files again.

Computer Training - $25/hr.
Do you need help figuring out your email, secure sites, regular pc maintenance, mail merge in Word, etc? FCS can help. Click the link to learn more about various training subjects available.

Website Creation/Maintenance - Website Creation: $55/hr - Website Maintenance: $30/hr
Do you have a website that you need to update? Do you need a website for your business, hobby, or passion? Click this link to see current sites FCS has either created or maintained. Not to mention the one you're viewing right now.

Search Engine Optimization - $40/hr
Would you like a greater chance of your website being seen in the search engines? FCS has tools that may be able to help you out! There are no guarantees in this battle for the top, but there are some basic rules of the game that FCS can get you started on and assist you with maintaining.

This is a partial list of tools that FCS recommends every computer user have access to.

FCS International Hours of Operation

  • PST 9:30am - 4pm Monday to Friday (Wednesday wraps up at 3:30pm PST)
  • Mtn Time 10:30am - 5pm
  • CST 11:30am - 6pm
  • EST 12:30pm - 7pm
  • England 5:30pm - 12am
  • France 6:30pm - 1am
  • Ctrl/SA 7:30pm - 2am
  • Russia 9:30pm - 4am
  • India 11pm- 5:30am
  • Australia 4:30am - 11am
  • New Zealand-6:30am - 1pm

If you live in a region that matches any of these time zones, then you are able to receive remote techsupport from FCS. If you are a registered Non-profit and would like service outside of these time zones, please contact me to discuss.

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